Credit card processing reseller program by ShawMerchantGroup

Become a credit card processing reseller with North American Bancard? This advantage of the zero-fee solution is not just limited to the merchants, as an agent, you can increase the fee charged on each transaction and increase your profit. Since the merchant is not paying it from his pocket, there shouldn’t be any problem in paying it. Let’s take an example of how it will work. As you probably know, when you become a merchant services agent, you split the profit that the company receives after processing a transaction. Now the industry average of this ‘split’ between you and the company is around 50%. So if the company charges a 2% fee on each transaction, then let’s suppose on a transaction of $5, it gets $0.1. Now minus the interchange fee of $0.03, it becomes $0.07. The 50% split will be $0.035.

There are tons of benefits of working with them, ranging from excellent income opportunities in both residuals and bonuses to top-notch customer support. Let’s see some of the unique selling points of the North American Bancard ISO Program. They have been working with both big and small merchants across the United States, and many prefer to work with them because of their unique cash discounting program (more on this later). Plus, they are backed by well-reputed regulators like the Bancorp Bank, BMO Harris, and Wells Fargo bank, so you know there won’t be problems with card processing later on.

When you are a registered ISO, you’ll be able to gain access to better rates and have sub-agents that earn income for you. Being a registered ISO allows you to expand your network and grow bigger as you attempt to accommodate more merchant partners. As opposed to being a traditional agent, being an ISO is truly the next step in the merchant processing career and a great way to expand your income and your reach. Being an ISO is considered a privilege, especially when you are working with North American Bancard. With an ISO certification, you can spread your agency and ensure that you build a foundation of future earnings on a strong, compliant partnership with North American Bancard. Read even more details at Merchant Services Agent Program.

With new digital marketing strategies, you could try the old marketing ways like mail marketing or door to door marketing. But it is recommended that you hire the telemarketer that helps you to get leads. Your telemarketer can also get the email addresses of the potential clients so that you can send them an email to steadily get them interested. Of course, you need to spend money on qualified leads at first, but once you try all these ways for a few months, you will have your own credit card processing lead generation in the coming months.

To provide value both to our agents and our merchants, we have the most comprehensive and complete suite of point of sale options of any of the competition. With our wide array of point of sale options, no merchants will be limited by lack of selection. We believe in providing everything that our merchants might need to process their payments and a wide selection to accommodate any special requirement. This also benefits our agents by being able to provide their merchants with a robust set of options. Making residuals on processing payments is great, but there’s another way that agents can increase their revenue while also building the bond between merchants and agents. That is with our point of sale options. A point of sale system is something that every business needs. A point of sale solution that meets the needs of a merchant is crucial and can even help to increase revenue and therefore, residuals for the agent. Read more details on this website.