The upsurge of a community service platform app : Clap-Serv

Clap-Serv or the growth of a community service platform app? With Clap-Serv, you will see customers will come looking for the service provider. The search for all services ends here. Directly deal with the clients on payment: After we setup the contact between you two, we don’t come thereafter. Our work is done. Go ahead and meet your customer or provider, and set all terms of engagement.

Community Experience: As we grow, we can take benefit of knowing another member’s experience with service providers. We can take the benefit of knowing other’s experiences, reviews and ratings of service they enjoyed. Accordingly we can decide choosing the right service provider from the listed proposals against our service need. Growth For Everyone: Let’s understand this with an example. Name any big IT company. In general, they build programs, Applications…etc right? Think one step ahead, who does that? A group of 3-4 professionals sitting inside the offices of these big corporate. What if this group of people come out and start giving the same work at a way smaller price to the same group of buyers? Joining this professional community world-wide can make it possible. Why these corporate, why not these individuals or small group of professionals with better guarantees or plan B’s in place.

Clap-Serv challenge the conventional methods of moneymaking platforms which says they care for small service providers and freelancers but have ended up snatching jobs from their hand giving it to others who pay them heavily. We have designed our platform in such a way, that communicating the unique need of ours has become super easy. Clap-Serv has solved this problem of yours…no need to call vendors, yet they can understand perfectly what you need. No need to go through multiple calls to negotiate. No need to call people at home abd then deciding terms of business. Now just put down your service request, wait for proposals, compare, negotiate and Hire. Discover additional details at community service platform app.

Believe it or not but with the help of Clap-Serv, you can do endless customization of your service requirement. How?? Use videos, images and attachment for the customization of your service requirement. These are the tools you can use at your fingertips to communicate your service requirement better. Go to POSTS section of the App and find all received proposals from multiple vendor. Check out the profile of providers and their previous work experience by visiting their profiles. Check out videos, pictures, brochures uploaded by the service provider and chose the best one.

Can I hire teachers here? Yes, you can. There are three categories of teachers, Tutor at home, Virtual training and coaching centers. Go ahead and give your requirement and specification. Look at the quotations submitted and fix one of them as per your need. What if I want to cancel after booking? You can do that and come back to others who submitted their quotes to you. Pick one and go for it.

We Are community developers! We believe we can create a one big family. Where everyone is playing part in creating demand based service for each other. We can call it distributed source of services we enjoy. let’s take this as an example. Say you want service from a fruit vendor who can come to your house every 3rd day in the morning and give you fresh fruits you requested. Let’s take another example. You need a service where someone can help you modify your Car into a sports car…isn’t it exciting?? See extra information on Clap-Serv.