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Best knife online shop in Kyiv, Ukraine: On the site in the catalog you can also see perfectly polished stainless steel knives, which are decorated with beautiful and stylish engraving. There is also a large selection of handles from a wide variety of materials. Decorative elements made of mother-of-pearl, horns or animal bones, bronze and cupronickel castings can be added to the handle. Since there are a large number of models in the catalog, the price for them varies. SteelClaw offers its users both unique knives made of excellent and unusual materials, which are more expensive. So are the average, but proven models. All prices can be conveniently sorted according to your needs. Find even more details on

Mora Knives are all made in Morakniv, Sweden. They’ve been making knives since 1891, producing some of the highest quality knives on the market, everything from entry level knives to the one highlighted at the show, the Mora Garberg with survival kit. The Garberg has been out for a few years. It has a high-quality stainless steel blade and full tank with polymer grip. What makes this one different is that it comes with a ferro rod and knife sharpener on the polymer sheath with leather belt loop. OCASO is out of Southern California, launched just 4 months ago. The idea behind the brand is to create an executive-style, light, slick-looking knives that you can carry in a suit or dress pant. They are working with some great knife designers.

Unfortunately, because of its ability to be easily concealed, the slipjoint folding pocket knife also became the favored weapon of bandits and thugs, especially in places where there were strict laws regarding the carrying of guns, swords, and/or fixed-blade knives – such as Spain during the rule of King Ferdinand VII. In his book Sevillian Steel, James Loriega notes a popular style of folding knife that was used in a form of Spanish knife-fighting (called el Baratero) by gypsies (Gitanos, alternatively) who would frequently rob unsuspecting travelers. That knife, the navaja (derived from the Latin word for razor), is one of the oldest slipjoint folding knife styles still in production today. And the Baratero knife-fighting style is practiced by modern aficionados of the old form of combat to this day.

What is a butterfly knife? This vintage knife has a blade hidden between two handles that rotate in opposite directions around the tang so that the blade can be quickly removed. It gained popularity in the US when soldiers returned with them from the Philippines after World War II. What can a butterfly knife actually be used for? When people think of butterfly knives, they usually think of the flipping tricks that can be done with them. However, a butterfly knife can definitely be used for any cutting task that other knives do.

CRKT: Standing for Columbia River Knife & Tool, CRKT has been making high quality American knives since 1994. Like Spyderco, they have embraced the forward-thinking side of knife making and own the rights to several proprietary technologies. They also emphasize both excellence and affordability, believing that everyone should have the opportunity to carry with them high quality knives. W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co: More commonly referred to as Case, this brand dates back to 1889, when the Case brothers began selling cutlery out of the back of a wagon in western New York. Starting in WWI, the brand was responsible for manufacturing military knives – including both the M3 Fighting Knife and the V-42 Stiletto. Today, they are owned by Zippo, although all their knives are still made in the USA with domestically sourced steel and natural materials like buffalo horns, precious stones, and ancient mammoth ivory.

The spearpoint blade shape on the Invictus is ideal for piercing and slicing cuts. The slight distal taper reinforces the point and while I wouldn’t use it as a pry bar, it can take abuse. The thickness is a good compromise between toughness and slicing. While the grip looks straight, it’s nicely contoured and has a deep finger choil for a secure grip in all conditions. Terrain 365 offers the knife with titanium, carbon fiber, micarta, and G10 handles.

Bear & Son is a mostly US-made company out of Alabama, in operation since 1991. They make different variations of traditional, butterflies, and automatic knives. The most interesting knife they identified is in their Widow series of butterfly/balisong knives. It has a spiderweb on a red blade, something different they came up with to draw attention. Their butterfly knives have always had a zinc handle, but this year they remodeled them to have stainless steel handles with bronze phosphorous washers, and they’re now screwed together instead of riveted.