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Pass PMP certificate advices? Some PMP Preparation Courses have unreasonably high prices. You don’t have to pay a fortune to do a course in order to pass your PMP exam. There a many online and free PMP resources out there. I recommend for you to follow guidelines (from a related book or PMBOK) and create your schedule. Establish fixed dates for every knowledge area and for the PMP exam (pay for it, that´s the way to follow the schedule). In the end, check each of them by focusing on the free PMP exam questions that are also organized by knowledge areas. Do not leave anything for the end, follow an order and prepare for it systematically.

The PMP exam is based on “A Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide” (PMBOK Guide). The first step to acing the exam is to fully read and understand the entire PMBOK Guide which is the foundation of your study plan for the PMP exam. You must read through the UPDATED PMBOK Guide, to understand the structure of the PMP exam. But keep in mind that this 200-item exam will not depend on the PMBOK Guide, alone. This is where you’re project management experience will also come into play. The exam is an application of the principles of the PMBOK Guide to various situations in the industry. So, a good balance between work experience, and the PMBOK Guide is needed.

How to Pass PMP or How to Get PMP? There are many ways to get your PMP certification. Go for the heavy books, memorize them, sit for PMP trainings on your weekend, sit in the long, sleepy PMP video on demand trainings and still have the unsurety of passing the exam. Get PMP dumps, PMP practice exams, PMP review material and try to memorize hundreds of questions and still fear of forgetting some and getting new questions as PMP changes very frequently. See even more info on PMP Dumps.

How many sample PMP exam questions did you practice before the exam? I have completed the sample exam questions provided in 35 hours online course. Then I enrolled for Exam Simulator which provided me access to 7 practice exams. I practiced each exam at least 2 times or more until I scored more than 85% in mock tests. How was the support you received throughout the PMP training? It is unquestionable that support provided by the Master of Project Academy for their PMP Training is exceeding my expectations. I have received a solution for my queries and problems within 24 hours. I really appreciate such support and guidance from an online training provider.

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