Best Mafia browser games

Online mafia RPG: “I assure you, there has been NO mistake.” the man behind you growls into your ear as he presses the cold steel of the .45 deeper into the crown of your skull. “The money, I’m sorry… It was the money!” you cry back in a humiliating attempt at saving your own life. Several hours later, you are found by police with urine-soaked pants and a 50 dollar bill stuffed firmly into the back of your throat. You didn’t live. Welcome to Mafia Returns – The Game. Interested? Visit Mafia Returns website!

Mafia Hustle is a mobster themed online RPG. Doing crimes, hitting the gym and creating your gang, these are only the few aspects of the game. Bust people out of jails or kill them for bounty – the choice is yours. Level up, compete against other people in rankings ans show no mercy. Gain enough money to get yourself an armor to protect yourself as well as primary and secondary weapons to defeat your enemies mercilessly.

The Great Heist is a free role-playing game that takes place in a virtual criminal world. Manage your crew by choosing suitable primary roles for everyone and selecting the best leaders. Get ready to pull off heists with your crew. The safe house is a secret place that can be used for hiding, planning the next heist or stashing the loot. To get the safe house, you need to commit a larceny at city hall. You can learn new skills by purchasing books from a generic shop. Improve your skills, make new friends and conquer the criminal world.

Top Mafia browser game: Mafia MoFo Reloaded : Don’t play the game, become part of the game. At least that’s the goal of the best RPGs, right? Role-playing games are becoming more complicated with every passing year, but they’re not becoming any more immersive. For that, you need a customized, ever-changing RPG with a massive community of people that are working towards different goals. It helps if it is free and playable through your browser. In other words, it helps if this is RPG simulates the real world in that everyone has access no matter what. Mafia MoFo Reloaded is just that game. Always free and playable through your browser, Mafia MoFo asks you to answer one question: Who do you want to be? As the name implies, you could choose the dark path of organized crime, or maybe something else? Again, who do you want to be? Do you want to be the strongest man in the game or the richest player around? Who are you? You may never reach your goals but they might also change along the way. The answer to the question is not important. Mafia MoFo is about the journey a normal, sane person takes into the seedy underworld of crime and grime. Join an established dynasty – or even start your own. Declare war on the law itself and rob and plunder or take on your fellow hoods in gang warfare in which the ultimate prize is control of the money and the power that comes with the territory. Sell drugs, become an assassin, engage in betrayal and get betrayed yourself as you build your criminal empire. Open and run a crew, flood the streets with high-priced smack, or just work as a go-between that freelances in the criminal underworld. See additional details at Mafia Online Browser RPG – Mafia MoFo Reloaded.

Mafia Cities Game is a round-based mafia game where you need to become the richest mobster or family by time the round ends. Players can attack mobsters, commit crimes, burgle houses, extort businesses, pimp hoes and commit organized crimes. Committing crimes allows you to earn experience and increase your level/rank to unlock new features. You can find petty crimes such as stealing an ATM machine, hijacking a car, shoplifting, stealing car keys, insurance fraud etc. You can also create a family, travel to different locations, increase skills, gamble in casino, run your own business, take control over cities and attack others.