The legal circuit from accident to medication

If you get into a car accident in a state that does not have no fault insurance, you will generally be responsible for paying your medical bills. However, some drivers in these states have medical payment insurance coverage (known as med pay coverage). Med pay coverage will pay the medical bills of drivers or passengers involved in a car accident with the insured, up to the insureds med pay policy limits, which are generally less than $10,000. After your bills exceed the med pay policy limits, you will be responsible for paying them. Med pay coverage is not always required, so, if neither you, nor the person at fault, have med pay coverage, you are responsible for paying the bills.

Mistakes: Not consulting with a skilled professional who specializes in fast, effective pain relief for injuries caused by automobile accidents, work-related injuries, and other minor trauma.

If the other driver was at fault for your car accident, then typically his or her insurance company will be required to pay for your medical treatment. … For others, you may be able to receive government assistance (Medicaid, Medicare or Tricare coverage) to help cover your medical expenses.

While our own North Carolina is not a no-fault state, there are a dozen states that do operate on a no-fault policy when it comes to automobile accidents. In these states, it doesnt matter who is at fault for the accident in terms of filing insurance claims. Regardless of who was negligent, you file a claim with your own insurance. So if you dont have the medical insurance to pay the medical bills for your injuries but you live in a no-fault state, your auto insurance company may offer payment for your medical bills.

Accident pharmacy doctors: Claims denials are more common than you probably think they are, and most of them stem from either an incorrect understanding of the policy, exhausting the predefined limit or policy limitations regarding certain treatments or medication. In case of automobile accidents, insurers can also deny a claim if the insured has broken a certain state law like drunk driving or driving incorrectly/dangerously.

Legal info : Accident Pharmacy understands that victims of personal injury are in no state to take further stress and hence we work with attorneys and insurance companies directly. We eliminate unnecessary phone calls and paperwork that you would usually have to bear with, leaving you free to concentrate on your clients needs and your practice in general. Your clients too can convalesce with reduced stress knowing that they dont have to worry about either co-pay or any deductibles.

After receiving the necessary documents, necessary medicines are delivered by Accident Pharmacy home delivery services, irrespective of the status of the claim. You receive medicines the following day.

We understand that while you are recovering, it is not in your best interest to worry about medical bills and medication. The service thus acts like a rough weather friend, wherein it eradicates one worry and eases an already stressful situation for you and your family.

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