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Eco bidets provider Quebec? Installation: Installing a bidet seat or attachment requires you to shut off the water supply to the toilet and replace the old valve with the two-pronged valve that comes with the bidet—use an adjustable wrench to unscrew the old valve and tighten the new one. Then you attach the two new supply hoses to the valve, one to the bidet and one to the toilet. Since a bidet seat replaces your toilet seat, you’ll need to remove the seat before installing. (You don’t need to remove your toilet seat to install a bidet attachment.) None of this is especially difficult, but you should be comfortable working around plumbing.

Bathroom companion for bidets: When hot tub DIY meets TLC, the result is much more than an improperly formatted Roman numeral. You can vacuum grit, gunk, and small debris from your spa with ease once you’ve put together this simple siphon vacuum. One of the most overlooked areas of proper hot tub care is treating your hot tub cover right. Exposed as they are to constant heat and moisture, hot tub covers can develop a musty or mildewy smell if they’re not cleaned properly. You can keep the funk away by using a simple bleach solution to clean your hot tub cover. In a spray bottle, combine nine parts water to one part bleach, and use it to clean the underside of your hot tub cover every 90 days.

“I originally considered purchasing a handle-style bidet because I was worried that the spray nozzle would get dirty the way this style bidet is designed shooting up from inside the toilet,” one customer writes, but adds, “However, this model solves this issue with the guard and the nozzle cleaning feature for good measure.” The self-cleaning feature on this bidet is an added bonus for many reviewers. “I want to note that the self cleaning nozzle feature with door is a great addition and I think it’s a must have,” one writes, while another says, “I am also pleased that these units are not obtrusive on the toilets and don’t require any special cleaning.” While one says, “Cleaning the device is simple and easy, the self-cleaning nozzles do a good job and I only have to wipe the outside shield if necessary,” they note, “It does make cleaning the bowl behind the device a little trickier, but I am still able to do it without removing the device.” See extra details on bidets Quebec.

Bathroom renovation tips: When the housing market is buoyant there’s usually a high demand for building services, making it hard to find good builders at a reasonable price. It can be tempting to pick the cheapest builder who can start next week, but if a quote price is super-cheap there’s normally a good reason: perhaps they forgot to include something, or simply just got their sums wrong. Either way, the builder will realise they’re working at a loss. And if they walk off the job, it will cost you dearly to get someone else to finish it, with all the hassle that goes with that. It may be cheaper in the long run to go for a medium-range price rather than risk work being skimped to recoup losses, leaving you with a badly done job. If your project is not time critical, employing ‘friends of friends’ or friends on ‘mates’ rates’ may work. But more often than not something else will come up on the day when they promised to finish your job, which could then hold up the following trades.

There is also a more bare-bones bidet option—a bidet attachment. It simply mounts between the ring of your existing toilet seat and the bowl and requires no electricity (which in most cases means you won’t get heated water). Kohler, the kitchen and bathroom fixture manufacturer in Wisconsin, reported an eightfold increase in bidet seat sales this past March compared with the same time last year. Tushy, a startup that offers bidet attachments and is based in Brooklyn, N.Y., says its sales more than doubled this past year. See more info on