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Best green cleaning firm in Suffolk New York? Our porter services also include the disposal of trash that can build up. Whether this be from printed documents and daily workplace trash, to food disposal from a kitchen or break room, we can ensure that your trash is disposed of appropriately. Our team of professional cleaners will clean every aspect of your store. This includes mopping the floors, dusting your displays and vacuuming any dirt that is brought in by shoes. We make sure that your store is left absolutely spotless after each clean, allowing your customers to experience a clean, welcoming environment no matter the time of day.

Cleaning the carpet is essential to keeping it looking fresh and new. Steam cleaning involves using a cleaning solution under pressure injected deep into the carpet via water-jet nozzles. Then the machine extracts the solution along with the dirt and debris in the carpet. “The water will penetrate the fiber all the way down to the backing and loosen any embedded soil, remove oil and grease deposits, and get your carpet cleaner than it has ever been,” Tarbox says. He recommends deep cleaning every six months for a family of four.

Our team will promptly arrive at an agreed time to provide a professional clean. Making use of the best technology in the industry, combined with professional training, we can clean large areas without having to spend hours doing so. We make sure to clean more than just the surface dirt. We clean in locations people may not necessarily look, ensuring that workplaces are completely cleaned and disinfected. After hours cleaning is usually performed after 5:00 P.M. and can be arranged daily, weekly or monthly depending on your business needs. We understand that at times businesses may require more regular cleaning services. We have the ability to cater to such needs, ensuring that our cleaning crews are always available to any changes in schedule. Read more info at Office Cleaning Long Island.

Soil retardants: Most carpets are now factory-treated with a coating that helps the carpet fibers shed water and spills. The key is cleaning up the spills quickly. Once a carpet is five years old or so, you may need to have it retreated, at least in the high traffic areas. The easiest way to check whether carpet retreatment is necessary is to place a few drops of water on the carpet in the questionable areas and see whether the drops bead up or are absorbed quickly into the fibers. If they are absorbed, it’s time to retreat the carpet. The best retreatment chemicals (and usually the only ones recommended by the manufacturers) are fluorochemical based. Scotchgard or any treatment containing Dupont’s Teflon are made from this material. The treatment should take place after cleaning and, for best results, should be gently brushed into the carpet while it is still damp.

We are a group of hardworking, detail-oriented, and passionate individuals committed to retaining accounts long-term by performing reliable and consistent quality cleaning. We are here for our clients 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. We offer a variety of commercial cleaning services including Office Cleaning, Disinfecting Services, Event Cleaning, One Time Cleaning, Post Construction, and Move-In Cleaning. Everyone at Enterprise Commercial Cleaning looks forward to serving you with the best Janitorial Services on Long Island! Find even more information at