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Reliable single mailbox for all email ids solutions 2022? This is my first review ever. It’s due to amazing support.I love the idea behind Mutant Mail, got it up and running on a domain in 5 minute. My registrar wanted to charge me for email. Mutant Mail let’s me create a ton of my domains their own email addresses and reply all from the same gmail address without it looking like, well, I’m replying from a gmail address. Discover extra details at all in one mailbox. Pricing: Despite being an innovative and unique solution, we are Cheaper than fin. Infact you can start Free with us, and our highest plan cost less than Starbucks Coffee.

Does this work with a regular gmail address or do I have to have a workspace account? It does work with a regular Gmail address, on any other including G-suite or workspace account. The only condition being destination/recipient/control e-mail id should be outside of Mutant Mail system, that can even be G-suite on a subdomain. During the Setup process it’s asking me to input a “real email address” that will be used as my forwarding address. Is this address changeable? Yes, it’s changeable. All you need to do is, add another email id in the “Recipient Inbox” tab and verify it. Then go to settings and mark it as default. After that, you can delete the old email id in the “Recipient Inbox” tab. The only condition is, none of the email ids should be used on any other Mutant Mail account.

Use Feedback loop and monitor bounce: Email marketers have to be careful not to let their campaigns fall into the spam trap. One of the few things you can do to help avoid this is using a feedback loop and monitoring bounce rates. Bounce rates are a good indicator of whether or not your email is being delivered to the correct address. If you’re seeing high bounce rates, it’s likely that your email is being flagged as spam. Bounce are of two types, Hard bounce and Spam bounce . Hard bounce means the email was attempted to be delivered to a non-existing email address. These are the worst kind of bounce and a meager <2% of hard bounce is enough to ruin your sending reputation.

How can you guys work without SMTP, IMAP etc? It's very simple really. We work at one level higher, at email level instead of nagging SMTP/IMAP etc. That means, when you hit that reply button on your recipient email id for any email forwarded by Mutant Mail. An email is sent from your recipient email id to our server, than we send one on your behalf with exact same content to your client, without them or you knowing about the process. Your recipient email id, cannot be traced back at all in the email.

A far better solution exists : Solution is Mutant Mail. It's one of the best innovation in email world, that comes with enhanced email forwarding. In nutshell, every email id associated with Mutant Mail can be replied via your recipient email id, and your client's will never see/find your recipient email id. Another one we clearly see is your username (name) is always attached when using a plus sign (+), so anyone can figure out your real email id. But most challenging issue of using email plus sign (+) trick is, how do you reply with exact same email id? You just can't. There are many reasons why using an email id with Mutant Mail is better than email plus sign (+). First and foremost, Mutant Mail provides more security and privacy for your email communication. With Mutant Mail, your recipient email id is completely masked and cannot be read by anyone. Discover more information on

Can I add a domain while using it for hosting website somewhere else along with Mutant Mail? Absolutely. If you have a custom domain say and you are using it to host a website somewhere else e.g. Godaddy or Namecheap then you can simply update the MX and TXT records to use it simultaneously with MutantMail for email. Can I add a domain while using it for email somewhere else? It depends. If you are using same domain for sending at other provider or system (like autoresponder or send email from hosting), you can use Mutant Mail along side it. But if you want to have couple of email ids going to your existing inbox and rest routed via Mutant Mail, than that’s not possible.