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Looking for Product design services ? Every successful product was popular because it solved an existing problem. If your product isn’t solving a problem, then it becomes a piece of art — and probably not one that any galleries would be interested in. The problem has to be an existing problem, it has to correspond to a need which is already felt. It is much more difficult to convince people they have a problem they didn’t know they had than it is to offer them a solution for a problem they’re already aware of. Product marketers and designers will sometimes try to frame things that aren’t really problems as problems, but unless consumers agree about what they think their problems are, it will be hard to gain any traction with them.

In theory, many things can work well, but the real challenge is to make sure it works in reality – at a price consumers can afford. You may need to sample different materials and test out several different combinations before you hit the right combination to head to market with. In the end, it’s much less time consuming and even more cost-effective to sort out your problems as early on as possible. The last thing an entrepreneur needs is to invest time and money into a product that cannot possibly work for whatever reason. Take the time to test out all of your options and conduct your market research with a fully functional prototype to get the most accurate information you need to proceed with your launch. You will almost certainly find bugs and the time to correct them is at the prototype stage, not the launch stage. Read more info at Product design and development.

Take a broad view and make topline decisions that will carry through each element of your brand identity. Now you’ve determined what you stand for and where you want your business to go, but there’s still a few steps to take prior to hiring that web designer or launching a logo contest if you want to get it right the first time. Again, resist the temptation to dive into specific “must-have” elements like a business card, website, or Facebook page until you’ve made some broad decisions upfront about some key concepts such as: Brand voice – fun and playful, socially responsible, careful, edgy, artistic, healthful… think about how you want your brand to speak and sound across all platforms. This “voice” should map back to your larger purpose and core values, and appeal to your ideal customers.

Start-Up advice of the day : But find time to relax: While any entrepreneur must expect an increased workload, you still need to find time to unwind. Without being able to occasionally relax, you’ll inevitably suffer from burnout, causing more damage to your business. Negotiate everything: Whenever a price is quoted to you, remember that a healthy proportion of that is profit margin. Can you lower that margin for your benefit? You might not always be able to coordinate a discount, but it’s worth remembering one of life’s most important rules: if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Of course, if you want to convince the vital people that you’re worth their time, you’ll have to capture their attention within 30 seconds. If you can develop an elevator pitch that will intrigue people and show your idea has potential in that amount of time, you’ll inevitably be afforded more time to discuss matters with them later. Source: