The upsurge of a software entrepreneur : Jason Argall

Jason Argall or the growth of a software entrepreneur? Jason Argall is an entrepreneur specializing in digital marketing and expansion in global markets. He has built brands in the health supplements category such as PhiNaturals and Shrüm. He currently serves on the board of Radial Research Co (RAD on the CSE). With his track record and experience, he has the know-how and experience to build global brands with a strong market presence in the USA, Canada, the UK, Europe, India, Latin America, and Brazil.

Jason Argall has also co-founded various e-commerce software companies such as Zoompages, the performance marketing landing page builder, and Chatvertiser, the first SMS/chat conversational marketing software of its kind. Jason started digital marketing in the late 90’s on Yahoo search, before Google Adwords existed. He has been involved in founding and scaling numerous successful digital brands.

Jason Argall is a founding member at ScaleMyBrand. Your brand’s online reputation is vital to your performance marketing campaign’s success. Your ratings and reviews on the top online retail marketplaces such as Amazon or Walmart affect your customers’ buying decisions. This could end up affecting the performance of your paid advertising. This is why we’ve built systems to increase positive reviews and properly manage any negative reviews. The ScaleMyBrand team has over 30 years of experience with scaling digital brands. And with over 7 of those years working together on various projects, we’ve got the proven track record to take your brand to the next level.

Jason Argall on personal brand creation : Like a consumer brand, a personal brand not only tells your story, it sets the stage for growth and will advance you towards your future career success. A personal brand goes beyond the basic resume to deliver a more complete picture of who you are professionally. Why Do You Really Need a Personal Brand? As I mentioned above, a personal brand is more imperative than you may think. There are scads of examples out there of qualified candidates applying for jobs and getting turned down simply because they ignored their online image. Almost 80% of employers “Google” job seekers before even inviting them into an interview. This is #1 reason why a personal brand is so important. Employers do, and will, search for you online.

Jason Argall on business brand building : Every business expresses a brand identity, whether it’s carefully curated by the company or projected onto an organization by its customers. In the age of social media, where consumers can vent frustration at a company in front of millions of internet users, a business can easily lose control of its brand if no effort is invested in defining and managing it. Take iconic brands like Coca-Cola, Apple, and Disney. They are not only easily recognizable, legions of loyal followers advocate on behalf of these companies. That’s the power of a brand. It’s so important that many organizations spend millions of dollars to build up a brand and protect it.