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Here are several tips if you want to raise your online lead generation. It’s crucial to maintain insight into who your typical customer is and what they need. Revisit your buyer personas every quarter at a minimum, and ideally every month, to ensure your message stays fresh and relevant to your audience. Identify and interact with them on social media. Contact them directly and ask about co-authoring content with them that they will post to their sites. Then enjoy the ability to reach their followers with content that you know they will want to consume.

Have your competitors launched a new product, service or website? You need to know. Track what your key competitors are doing, and use the information to beat them. Aim high. Keep a look out for prospects that have experienced a change in circumstances, such as a restructure or a merger, and target them. Make sure you have a list of organisations that you would like to work with. And don’t be afraid to discount a prospect if you don’t think the relationship will go anywhere.

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Don’t “set it and forget it”. Your digital marketing strategy is a living, breathing, dynamic thing. You must measure activity and adjust your strategy accordingly on a regular basis. By studying the behavior of visitors, including the actions that they take, you will get critical clues on how to refine strategies to improve engagement and conversion over time. Face it, we all know this, but why does it fall to the bottom of our priority list? Make a personal commitment to move it to the top of your list.

We all know it: Content is king. And it always will be. Inbound marketing is a super important part of a successful demand generation strategy. Take time to create quality content that will bring visitors to your website to learn more about your brand. If you aren’t already, publish blog posts regularly. Stuck for ideas? Here’s 103 blog post ideas to help get you started.