TV music licensing recommendations

Youtube music licensing tips? Make money with Music Sync licensing companies! Despite this, a lot of sync licensing opportunities remain untapped. This is due to the complex (and highly interconnected) nature of the sync market, and the gatekeepers that occupy it. These include music licensing companies (sync agents), labels, music supervisors, and the directors at the top of the food chain. Relationships with the right people are notoriously closely guarded. This can make navigating through the sync music industry quite a challenge…

You really can’t escape this one can you? It doesn’t matter what you do in this industry, you’ll need to build, nurture, and strengthen your relationships. Licensing is no different. While networking within the music industry is always a smart move, this time we’re pivoting a bit to talk about networking within the film industry. So how to you do that? First, get involved with local film festivals and meet directors, editors, and producers. Join professional groups such as the National Association of Recording Industry Professionals (NARIP) and of course, PROs. These groups offer occasional seminars that put you face-to-face with key decision-makers in the film industry. NARIP actually has an annual pitch session that brings artists and supervisors together to review their work.

What are the different licenses/services you provide? We presently provide 8 different licenses/services that are outlined on our website under our pricing section. These services range from personal licenses to major licenses for television and motion pictures. What if I require a license that requires multiple services? We understand that sometimes the services needed can overlap in each license. Contact us directly to specify what services you require and we will provide a rate that is tailored to your needs. How do I get my music on Rhythm Couture? We believe in quality over quantity, and as a result, we are very selective about the music we bring into the roster. However, musicians are more than welcome to submit songs for consideration. Provide 4 songs (streaming links only) to to audition. We’ll get back to you within 30 days. Read additional details on music for you-tube.

Rhythm Couture artists questions and answers: In 2009, Rafi went to see a Flamenco show in LA and fell in love with that style. He wanted to surround himself in that culture and hear as much of that music as he could! So he went home and booked a flight to Seville Spain and decided to go study flamenco guitar out there. For 3 Years he went back and forth to Spain each time for periods of 6 to 7 months to Study the flamenco guitar in Seville, and he immersed himself in that music and lifestyle fully. In the end he decided not to take the traditional path. He felt that his calling was to continue with the electric guitar and to incorporate the things that he had learned into his own music doing it his way. Rafi still continues to go to Spain for inspiration and to perform there as well on occasion.

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