Kalimba chords and top brands overview

Premium Kalimba instruments and teaching chords? Also known as a thumb piano, the Kalimba is a delightful instrument that is enjoyed by many players worldwide. It might not be the first instrument someone would decide to take up, but nonetheless, the Kalimba can give a truly rewarding playing experience.

The Mugig 17 Key Kalimba is another high quality instrument that’s quite similar to the Donner we just reviewed. Also, like our previous model, it is made from mahogany which gives the Kalimba its solid feel. So, this is an instrument that will last. As for the tines, they are made from ore metal, which makes a fantastic choice and gives them a smooth feel. You’re really going to enjoy how the tines feel as you run your fingers over them. They also give the Kalimba a clear, smooth, and clean sound. Moreover, the mahogany/ore metal combo of the body and tines of this Kalimba ensures durability. But, not just that, it also impacts on the sustain of the instrument, which, in turn, improves the sound quality. In weight, this Kalimba is really light and compact, making it super easy to travel with. There’s also a bag included, which make taking it anywhere, even easier.

There are other use of kalimba beforehand, like a tool used by ancient tribal leaders in wars to communicate. It was also for ritual events to attract rains during droughts or to stop them in times of flooding. Another thing is for the deceased to help their spirit to rest in peace and drive away evil spirits. And of course, to heal the sick. With the discovery of the Musicologist Hugh Tracey in one of his trips to Africa the Mbira underwent remodeling. Kalimba was made to adapt to Western style but retain its totality. Tracey also took charge of its dissemination in various parts of the world. A few years later, Zimbabwe, during its colonial period, would go through a dark phase. In which the instrument lost popularity due to a campaign promoted by missionaries who preached its supposed evil essence. Find extra details on kalimba tabs.

In addition to this, the UNOKKI Kalimba comes with a polishing cloth to keep your kalimba in tip-top condition, as well as instructions, red and green stickers, and a cloth bag. Although UNOKKI includes a much-appreciated finger protector, they don’t ship the kalimba with a waterproof case. Given that the instrument can be damaged by water, moisture, and humidity, a hard, waterproof case may be needed if you want to prolong the lifespan of your instrument. At just $25, however, you’ll have plenty left in your budget to grab a waterproof case too. Offering exceptional quality at a stunningly low price, the UNOKKI Kalimba is could be the best kalimba on the market.

We are setting the ball rolling with a gorgeous gecko kalimba which is beautifully hand-crafted from high-quality mahogany in a dark chocolate shade. The tongues are ore-steel bars which have great strength and resonance. It features 17 western tuned keys just over 2 full octaves worth of natural notes ideal for playing over a Dorian scale in D for those of you with a little music theory under your belt. Each octave is indicated via dots 0/1/2. It has a great tone and is well amplified by the sound hole which is decorated with the Gecko brand carved inlay. It comes with a handy a kalimba learning booklet to use as a study guide which professionally details kalimba use and methodology as well as a QR code to access video lessons. It is presented in an EVA kalimba box to help keep it protected and prevent oxidation and scratches etc with an allocated space for its dedicated tuning hammer. Find even more information on here.