Inflatable stand up paddle board play tips

Several advices to correctly ride the inflatable paddle board. Dry your inflatable stand up paddle board AFTER you rinse and BEFORE you store it. Make sure your board is dry before putting it away for storage. Also make sure that wherever it’s stored will stay dry too – not partially dry, not only dry on sunny days, but always dry. Although inflatable SUPs are durable and built for the water, leaving them wet or in a damp place can cause damage over time. It’s not that a SUP would be unusable after improperly storing it, but you’ll probably have to spend some time to clean it off before going out. More importantly, improperly storing your board regularly will cause deterioration in the long-run.

Most inflatable SUP options are made from PVC and are very light. They are also easier to transport, due to the fact that you can deflate them and pack in a much smaller travel bag. They are easy to carry due to their weight and have excellent flotation. Most beginners prefer an inflatable SUP. There are many factors to consider when choosing an inflatable SUP. What is your experience/skill level? What type of waves do you plan on surfing? What is more important to you: stability or performance? After you ask yourself these questions, you can then choose a design that will help you achieve those goals. There are lots of different shapes within the inflatable SUP sub-genre, so it’s important to figure out what you want to do with your SUP, then figure out what board will get you there most efficiently.

Cardio workout: When you begin paddle boarding, you probably won’t get much of a cardio workout, but as you increase in strength and start to paddle harder, you will soon give yourself a good aerobic workout. It’s important to give the body this type of workout as it helps increase your heart rate and improves oxygen flow around the body. As you breathe deeper, you take in more oxygen to your lungs and your cardiovascular systems gets stronger too. Simple paddling will give you a cardio workout, but paddling harder will give you a better one. Surfing and racing are two SUP activities will which really get the heart working. If you don’t want to do these, just paddle faster or have a short race with one of your friends.

You don’t need to worry about the robustness of your SUP because we are offering a lifetime warranty for this inflatable stand up paddle board. We don’t think anyone can ask for a better warranty than this. As part of our mission of making inflatable stand up paddle boards built to last, Pakaloa warrants to the original retail purchaser that our Inflatable stand up Paddle board will be free from defects in material and quality for Lifetime from the date of purchase (the “Pakaloa Paddle board Warranty”). The Pakaloa Inflatable Stand up Paddle board Warranty is a commitment to our customers, an expression of our confidence in the quality of our products, and a statement that we stand behind that quality.

An extra inflatable stand up paddle board tip: Make sure your paddle is the right way: We’ve all done it because it seems right at the time. You want the paddle to scoop the water as you try to balance and paddle without falling in. However, as we all eventually find out, the paddle goes the other way as it works more effectively when in the standing position and also results in a smoother paddle stroke and less stress on your shoulders and elbows. As the shaft is the leading edge you pull the blade through the water in a slightly trailing position which aids blade stability and as you perform the SUP stroke, the blade is vertical providing the best angle through the middle of the stroke for the most power.