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Haircare by Molyrose: Moisturize well. After having a pure facial surface, choose a good moisturizer and apply it to your face gently making sure it covers your face entirely, dried-out patches specifically. Use a light moisturizer for oily skin. Hungarian Thermal Water Mineral will give your skin rewarding moisture, getting it perfectly ready for makeup.

By now, you know that baking in the sun and in tanning beds causes skin cancer, but if that still hasn’t stopped you from hitting the beach without sunscreen or the proper protective gear (aka that Insta-worthy sun hat), perhaps this will: Contrary to popular belief, the sun isn’t healing your acne, it’s actually making it worse. As your face gets red from the sun, it makes any breakouts you might have blend right in, creating the appearance of clearer skin. But what’s really going on is that on top of reddening your face, the sun is drying out your skin and triggering excess oil production, which can lead to more zits. What you can do differently: For starters, stop going to tanning beds. Period. And if you are in the sun, make sure to slather on a titanium dioxide- or zinc-based sunscreen—(these natural sun protectants and their formulations below contain fewer chemicals, so they won’t break you out as easily), and wear a sun hat or ball cap to shield your face from harsh rays.

Choose your wintertime makeup wisely as a few products may dehydrate your skin gravely without prior notice. Apply hydrating cosmetics such as creamy blushes or eyeshadows, and avoid powdery makeup. While removing your makeup, make sure not to be too harsh with wipes rather use cleansing oils to remove any cosmetics from your face to keep it moistened, as explained by Glow Recipe’s founders Sarah Lee and Christine Chang. Sisley Phyto Blush Twist leaves a long-lasting velvety finish on your cheeks and could be your best winter-buddy. Give your skin a winter-break and let us know in the comments section how these tips worked for you. Find more info at Haircare online shopping.

Things to avoid for oily skin: Treat your skin with a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or more. If you have greasy cosmetics in your beauty box, throw them away right now as you wouldn’t want to aggravate the pesky skin condition. Food intakes should be as stricter as skincare products. Foods to avoid: Sugary items, refined-grain products, saturated and trans-fat diets, dairy products, too much salt, spicy food, caffeine, alcohol.

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